Introducing the Guide to Influencer Marketing with Traackr

Introducing the Guide to Influencer Marketing by Traackr

Traackr customers are doing really awesome work with influencers. With their creative approaches and tangible business results, they are defining influencer marketing for a highly social world. When I talk to these innovative marketers and communicators it becomes clear they have one common strategy: they start by filtering the web by people who are truly impacting their organizations and focusing their efforts on engaging with these influential individuals. In contrast to the wide net approach, I call it the “cast a smart net and make waves” strategy.

Today we are introducing Traackr’s Guide to Influencer Marketing. This ebook walks you through discovering your influencers and shows you some of the opportunities available to you once you find them. It’s a roadmap for getting started with influencer outreach and developing your own influencer marketing program.

Download the guide now to get fresh ideas on how to discover, learn, engage and support the people creating the conversations driving your business. A few highlights from the guide:

  • 15 concrete influencer marketing initiatives
  • 8 real-life influencer marketing examples
  • 6 best practices for influencer engagement

To cast a smart net and make waves, refers to the power of influencers to serve two crucial roles for today’s modern marketer: the filter and the amplifier.

Filters: Think of the web like a big ocean of dirty water. Even if you narrow your scope with general monitoring, you’re still left with a dirty sea. By focusing on influencers you can take that dirty ocean and turn it into clean swimming pool. Influencers are a proxy to the larger, unruly web and help focus limited time and resources on the most powerful channels and conversations. Use them to cast a smarter net on the social web.

Amplifiers: Influencers are the most effective partners for sharing your messages and driving business your way. They have an audience built on their passion, expertise and constant publication of content that gets shared, discussed and referenced. In short, they are wavemakers. By engaging with them, you can make waves for your organization.

Discovering your influencers is the first step. Once you know them, there are many ways to engage. Broken down by marketing objective, this guide covers the top five ways marketers and communicators have used Traackr’s people discovery engine and influencer analytics to reach their goals. The five primary activities covered in the guide are:

  1. Drive Awareness for Products, Events & Campaigns
  2. Cultivate Advocates & Community
  3. Build Owned Media Programs
  4. Research & Uncover Insights
  5. Measure Impact & Report on Performance

I welcome your feedback on the guide and especially look forward to continuing to discover your creative approaches to influencer marketing. While influencers are by no means a new phenomenon, influencer marketing via the social web is an emerging practice. 2013 will be a defining one for this field and the bold marketers who embrace the people who drive their conservations.

Download the Guide to Influencer Marketing