Download The Engagers for practical advice and real life examples from some of earth’s mightiest marketers.

The Engagers

Download the eBook to read sixteen interviews with the rockstars of influencer engagement. You’ll find diverse and actionable answers to the question: “I’ve found my online influencers, now what?”

The Engagers covers how to engage with your online influencers, industry experts and other VIP you want to build relationships with. There are four major categories:

  • Influencer Marketing
    • Danny Brown, Sam Fiorella, Chris Herbert, & Tonia Ries
  • Public Relations & Community
    • Deirdre Breakenridge, Shonali Burke, Vikki Morgan, & David Spark
  • Content Marketing
    • Amy Higgins, Jason Miller, Lee Odden, & Dana Oshiro
  • Building Relationships
    • Megan Berry, Sahana Jayaraman, David Smooke, & Michael Troiano